Peel Arts Collective operates based on the efforts of artists and patrons of the arts who donate their time, effort and skill to creating subversive opportunities for others in the Region of Peel.

P.A.C is constantly seeking volunteers to help with a variety of day-to-day tasks as well as organizing events and promotion. Here are a few tasks one could perform in a volunteer role for Peel Arts Collective:

  • designing original posters or graphics to be used for PAC or PAC events
  • posting on PAC social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram)
  • creating videos of artists or shows for PAC/the905
  • writing articles about arts & culture events in the Peel Region.
  • marketing PAC/the905 across social media platforms (Facebook, Craigslist, Kijiji, Reddit, etc)
  • marketing PAC/the905 offline by distributing cards or pasting flyers
  • contributing original art for giveaways or prizes to attract more patrons
  • approaching fellow artists with a personal invitation to showcase their work
  • help answer questions regarding PAC/the905 on social media
  • taking on tasks during the organization of an official PAC tasks such as writing press releases, greeting artists and/or gathering art during drop off & pick ups for gallery shows, making food for snack tables, finding & securing a venue, approaching PAC with concepts and ideas for events the volunteer would like to take a lead role in

If you would like to volunteer a skill you do not see listed above, don’t worry, PAC probably needs that too! Please forward all requests for volunteer efforts to info@peelartscollective.com


If you are an artist or small business, you can exchange one hour of volunteer time for thirty days of advertising on the905. Volunteers will receive a 300px x 300px advertisement on the side bar of the website. If the artist or small business does not have an original graphic for advertising, one can be made for them with a provided image & accompanying text.

Volunteers must indicate that they would like to exchange their time for advertising before completing their volunteer tasks.


Peel Arts Collective is an inclusive community and does not discriminate against any artist for any reason. All artists who choose to associate with Peel Arts Collective, participate in PAC events, volunteer their time or showcase their work on ‘the905’ are free to live and behave in whatever manner they deem appropriate for themselves.

P.A.C has never and will never discriminate against anyone for their race, sexual orientation, disability, intellect or any other quality or attribute one may have that makes them unique. In order for P.A.C to truly reflect the landscape of the Region of Peel, it welcomes with open arms people of color and various religions or cultures. P.A.C supports the LGBTQ community and is proud to host the work of several artists who identify with this community. Associated with P.A.C are dozens of prominent, successful working female artists so naturally P.A.C also supports women’s rights/issues. During P.A.C events and showcases, P.A.C has displayed the work of artists with intellectual or physical disabilities, giving every individual an equal opportunity to participate in local arts and culture. It is within Peel Arts Collective values to accommodate anyone with a reasonable request for any of the social issues listed above.

If an associated artist is found causing serious emotional, mental or physical harm directly to another artist or through their work, a deep consideration will be put forth considering the artistic value of the work in question before a decision about whether or not the art or artist in question will be removed from PAC activities or showcases. P.A.C believes in a freedom of expression but does not condone hate speech or physical violence.


On November 7th, 2017, Peel Arts Collective was registered as a sole-proprietor business by Director of Organization, Amber Victoria Lee. This move allows P.A.C and it’s volunteers to upgrade it’s efforts in the community such as being legally capable of fundraising money for local initiatives and social justice issues.