Art in the Park is a gathering of artists, musicians, writers, performers, friends & family of creative minds and patrons alike. It is a casual “drop in” – bring your paint, guitars, harmonicas, drums, sketchbooks, notepads etc to work on your craft in the sun among your fellow artists while sharing ideas and learning new techniques. We also encourage you to bring a small selection of your work that you might be able to sell or trade to other artists & attendees – but it’s not required.

We welcome attendees to bring snacks and drinks, either for themselves (it can get hot in the sun) or to share with others. Homemade snacks are even better!

Be sure to remember a blanket or towel or even a beach chair to sit on at the park – we normally gather on the grass and not the picnic benches.

This event is free and only associated with P.A.C and not the City of Brampton. We use Gage Park as residents of Brampton and strive to respect the environment that is hosting us. Occasionally, there may be an event going in Gage Park during our meetings and we expect that all attendees will have the utmost respect for that event and will not hinder the proceedings of neither Art in the Park or events held in conjunction with our meetings at Gage Park.

*** Any attendees using offensive/derogatory or otherwise controversial/harmful language, and/or physically harming another patron or the work of another patron, and/or otherwise being an unruly citizen will be asked to disband from the group and/or have park security notified to have them removed from the premises completely. This is a peaceful, mindful gathering of creative individuals in a park, not Ribfest.***

Check out last year’s Art in the Park website at

Follow Art in the Park on Instagram @btonaitp and use hashtag #btonaitp to have your photos from the event regrammed!


Art in the Park was founded by local Brampton-based artists Crystal Lori Boyd and Amber Victoria Lee before being adopted by the Peel Arts Collective.  In 2016, it ran every week, usually on a Thursday, in Gage Park from the beginning of summer to the end of summer.