Toronto singer-songwriter, emcee and creator; Se’lah (Say-La) Genesis, coins her sound as Urban Universal. It’s a mixture of hip-Hop, R&B, spoken word, a cappella, freestyle and experimental sounds drawing on a long list of musical influences such as: Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, KRS ONE, Missy Elliott, Big Daddy Kane, SWV, Amy Winehouse, The Fugees, Whitney Houston, Deborah Cox, Janet Jackson, TLC, Tupac and Biggie.
Her debut rap single and video “Dungeon Master” (September 2017), is musically produced by Prolific aka William Rideout (Head of Anomaly Records) and visually directed by Toronto filmmaker John Du, at Subspace Dungeon Studio in Toronto. Du has also had his work featured in FHM, magazine, Blog TO and the Toronto Star; as well as short films featured in film festivals across North America.

The music video is visually dark and racy. The lyrics are hard-hitting and punchy; touching on subjects about skilled lyricism, the power to create your own reality from within and being real when dealing with her (Genesis). As one of her lines in the song says “Approach me with good intentions, cuz that backhand bull—– don’t get my attention.”

In the past year, Se’lah has performed as a solo artist and in collaborations with local talent such as the BTH Band, emcee Daptable, emcee DJ Krueger, producer SLWJMZ (Freddie Gibbs, Staasia Daniels, Everything O’Shaun, Alonzo), and at a variety of musical events and venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area; including Burdock, The Golden Stool, Afro-Fest, Jal Gua Organic Cafe, Tranzac Club, Harlem Restaurant, The Cadillac Lounge, The Local, Nuit Blanche, Scarborough Multicultural Community Festival, to name a few!

In January 2017 she founded the Thrive Artist Collective, a networking hub engaging artistic entrepreneurial creators, with the largest focus being on music and creating live shows throughout the GTA.

“I want to connect amazing talent with other amazing talent, ” says Genesis. “Thrive Artist Collective is for the artist, by the artist. We put on kick ass shows and connect dope artists doing dope things.”

“Kiss Me” was written by Selah Genesis and produced by a local Brampton record label. Cut Time Productions.


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