Two young eyes grew wide
while staring through a frosted bedroom window
one Christmas eve,
imagining a jolly, bearded Santa
in a red suit with white fur trim
on a sleigh gliding across heaven,
hitched to mythic reindeer
bonded by song

but those same eyes, grown bloodshot,
hallucinate a vision of “Santa Klaus”
with a beard, a mohawk, a red suit with white trim cut
from the fur of hunted polar bears,
and its sleeves torn off
to show muscular, tattooed arms
as he flies to the driving rhythm
of industrial metal
blaring from speakers on the sides of his sleigh
(the reindeer pulling it hate each other
but they have no identity
beyond the song that binds them)
while Klaus fires his flamethrower into the night
because he can’t carry enough coal
to fill every sinner’s stocking
as they sleep in bed
so he incinerates their Christmas trees
into lumps of charcoal instead.

Paul Edward Costa has published fifty stories, articles, and poems in periodicals such as Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Peacock Journal, Dryland: Los Angeles Underground Art and Writing,, and Rainfall Records and Books. His novella “Dark Magic on the Edge of Town”, published by Paperback-Press, is available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle formats. He is also a high school teacher of History/English and has founded the ongoing “Paul’s Poetry Night” spoken word series in the Greater Toronto Area.

Twitter: @paul_e_costa
Instagram: paul.edward.costa

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