Kendra Alexzine Bailey is a Freelance painter, writer. illustrator and Irish dancer, but not always in that order. She lives in the oh so beautiful and underrated province of Ontario, in the oh so apologetic, but scenic nation of Canada.ย She has displayed art locally at Beaux Arts gallery in Brampton, Ontario, as well the Alton Art Mill. She holds an Honours BA in English Literature with a minor in History from the University of Guelph as well as a Creative Writing Certificate with Humber College. She is currently a performer and student teacher at the De’Voy Academy of Irish dance and takes great thrill in the dance and the joy it brings those who watch and those who perform.

As a predominately self-trained artist, she has received her education from the forest and streams of her hometown, and the mountains and oceans of her home away from home. It means she’s not as organized in her studio as she sometimes wishes she was and looks back at all the moments when she’s found herself being scolded for tracking paint all around the house.

“Typhoon Lights”, Photography
“The Magician”, Ink on Bristol
“Where Tricksters Meet”, Acrylic on Canvas


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