Presented by Peel Arts Collective, “Night of Haunted Tales” was held on Friday, October 20th 2017 in Mississauga, ON. Hosted by Amber Victoria Lee and Paul Edward Costa, the two organized a night at Paul’s private residence in the heart of Mississauga, ON which included a handful of local authors and writers reciting tales of horror and mystery.

Seated around a crackling fire, guests were invited to purchase hot chocolate and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from a small bake sale with proceeds returning to Peel Arts Collective for future projects and initiatives. Samantha King, a local Brampton-based writer, started the night with a classic tale by Roald Dahl, easing the audience into the original work of Larene Crook, reading poems titled “Twisted” and “Unshaken”(which can be seen here).

Sara Gladden-Gillard continued the night with a harrowing story of a battle with cancer and a deal with the devil before Paul Edward Costa closed the night with a live reading of his first story published by Peel Arts Collective, “The Widening Maw”.

Peel Arts Collective would like to thank the readers who entertained our guests, our guests for attending and purchasing from the bake sale and to Paul Edward Costa for being gracious enough to host us all in his home.

All photos courtesy of Paul Edward Costa 



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