These poems were read live by Larene during Peel Arts Collective’s “Night of Haunted Tales” on Friday, October 20th in Mississauga, ON.


“Twisted in my mind like a vine through a maze.”

People ask me “if I’m in a daze?”

“Crazy, hazy like a purple fog in the midst.”

“No one understands my thoughts; not even me.”

Dark and jaded, mysterious and wasted.

“Pulling me down like a queen with no crown.”

Thunder in the distance.

“Could there be a change in this instance?”

Walking through a tunnel.

Feel like water in a funnel.

Going around in circles.

“I know that I’m worth more than this.”

“I found my way out.”

“Stronger without a doubt.”

“At one time bloody and beaten, I worked through my weaknesses.”

“Try to pull me down now,

I’ll come out standing on top, this is the way the dices drop.”

“You’re playing a game.

I’m still the same, yet I’ve changed.”

“I’ve found my inner light,

even though I could have lived in spite.”

“I’ve done what’s right for me.”

“I was twisted now I’ve been set free.”


“Screaming get back here you whore.” “The walls are cracking the ground is shaking at the sound of a voice protruding through the house.” I scream back “I’m not a whore…I am a priceless beauty.” He says “you look like a prostitute in those shoes.” See… I know what people say is not necessarily a reality. “I know that I am a woman of quality.” “I know that I am a Queen that is endowed with splendour.”

“I do not need to fight with my fists, I can win the battle with my mind.” “I know exactly who I am and, where I came from.” “The one and only God that created this universe created me as well and all of you too.” “Don’t let someone label you because they have nothing else to do with their time.” “That’s a crime.” “My Lord and Saviour knew exactly what He was doing when my name was written in His book.” “Take a look at how my heart glows with love and harmony.” “I’m at peace fulfilling a destiny that is my own.” “Smiling on the interior and exterior as this woman can not be shaken.”

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"Twisted" and "Unshaken", Poetry by Larene Crook

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