Lady C (aka Carolyn Hyde) is an experimental and multi-faceted composer, performer and visual artist of over 20 years. She uses both electronic and real world instruments for her sounds and visuals, including, but not limited to: voice, drums, hand percussion, piano, and guitar, and now theremin.  Most of her work is abstract and/or surreal in nature, both musically and visually. In her own words,
“I am inspired by the Cosmos, the world around me, and the strange and wonderful things that catch my eyes and ears. I started experimenting with recording programs when I was about 14/15 years old. My recorded music is abstract and mostly electronic and ambient. I would consider it to be experimental, and possibly avant-garde. My live music is kinda the opposite. It sounds more folky and raw, but still of it’s own kind. I have been performing since I was very young, I think 2 years old?  Ultimately, I go where the music leads me.” 
Lady C is currently working on her second full length album, and continues to perform locally in Peel, and the Greater Toronto Area.

This track features the new “Open Theremin” or “Theremin v3.” Each track was recorded live and on the fly.

I would like to thank the following awesome people for their support and involvement in this project:
Bill, Joel, Shannon, Chagall, Adam, Sam, and Scott L!
xoxoxo Lady C

I am present
I am open
I am at peace

released August 30, 2017

composed & recorded by Lady C

Mixed & mastered by Lady C
Registered with SOCAN
Album artwork by Lady C
Produced & released by
The Lady C Universe

© 2017 The Lady C Universe.

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Music by Lady C

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