Natalia Norton was born in Santiago, Chile on August 11th, 1979. She came to Canada as an infant two months later. Once in Canada, she grew up in Timmins and Brampton before spending her teenage years in Mississauga. Natalia started on her artistic path when, as a young child, her father taught her how to draw; she’s had a wonderful love affair with creativity ever since. She is accomplished in many forms of art including drawing, painting, photography, makeup art, costuming, and music. She has also been a semi-professional photographer for seven years. Her inspiration is life: how we cope, our simple choices, our differences in spirituality, and the conflicts that embroil us. These explorations influence every aspect of her creations.

“Sunset on the Water” sold

“Caged Beauty” sold

“Nocturnal Creature” for sale

“Tiny Big World” for sale




Art by Natalia Norton

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