My name is Bret Sheppard and I live in Brampton.  Photography is my main passion and work as I am a freelance photographer/writer.  Brampton Bits & Bites is my vehicle which I publish items and events that reflect upon the City of Brampton. I have also contributed my photography to PAC with some of the events that took place like Art In the Park and Ragnart.

Besides the photography I love to paint, and landscapes is my thing.  The  Group of Seven is my inspiration and always have enjoyed northern scenes. 
I have published my photographs and video that I produced in the past, and will publish my paintings as I finish them.
Have fun and follow your passion as art should always be.
“Brighter Days Ahead”
    Acrylic on Canvas
    Finished June 2017
I tried to reproduce a painting that was originally done in oil. That painting was destroyed by cockroaches and had to be trashed.  However, as a consequence, I like this painting a whole lot better.  it reflects my passion for the north and the Group of Seven.
“Follow The Golden Path”
      Acrylic on Canvas
      Finished  March 2017
This one was a work in progress, and it took a while to complete.  The painting was going nowhere and I went away from it for a while.  It took a trip with my camera to Gage Park in a snowstorm that gave me inspiration to complete it.  Then I accidently used gold paint for the path and decided to keep it as I kind of liked it.  And I hope you do too.
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