Peel Arts Collective has existed, in it’s various forms, for a year – beginning with a weekly gathering called “Art in the Park” and evolving into a website. This carried Peel Arts Collective into the winter months, organizing two showcases offline in Brampton, ON: “New Visions, New Voices” and in Mississauga, ON: “Cabin Fever”.

Through these experiences, the artists who volunteered their time to build the foundations of Peel Arts Collective learned a multitude of invaluable lessons. Innovative minds who had individual experience in their trades and skills gathered to share with one another what they believed would help foster creative growth in the Peel Region and the local communities within their cities.

The thoughts and opinions of these volunteers and patrons of the arts have helped shape the idea of what Peel Arts Collective is and what it is not. Peel Arts Collective is not an exclusive group; artists and creative minds from all over the Peel Region have participated without discrimination.

To operate effectively as a “collective” group of people, Peel Arts Collective was simply a large body of artists living in the Peel Region who wanted to increase awareness for local arts or participate in subversive creative opportunities. Peel Arts Collective reiterated this theory by asking regional artists to use the hashtag #peelartscollective on Instagram, inviting creative individuals unable to attend local art events to share their work with more viewers.

To reflect this idea, Peel Arts Collective will be ending the “official” membership previously offered. Although originally intended to persuade artists to share their work with the community on a regular basis, it slowly clouded the idea that Peel Arts Collective was not an exclusive entity. Moving forward, Peel Arts Collective will not have membership – all participants and volunteers are a part of Peel Arts Collective.

Peel Arts Collective has never truly been governed by one single person; volunteers and artists have offered input which has been used or they have taken the time to organize social media or run events. By allowing volunteers and artists to have an opinion on the direction of Peel Arts Collective, it has become a unique entity in the local art community and that is something that will not change.

In order to better assist and coordinate the efforts of Peel Arts Collective, co-founder Amber Victoria Lee will be taking the official position of Director of Organization. This allows for a pillar of communication in ideas, comments, questions and concerns while also creating a contact in responsibility for the evolution of Peel Arts Collective.

Peel Arts Collective extends gratitude towards every artist and volunteer who has contributed to building the foundation of Peel Arts Collective and hopes to continue to work with the talented people who choose to be associated with Peel Arts Collective.

Thank you,

Amber Victoria Lee

Director of Organization

avl [at]

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