Paint night? Screw that! Paint fight!

Peel Arts Collective’s Art in the Park presents… RagnaArt: The Battle of Duggan Park. Heed our battle cry;  all creatives in the Peel Region are welcome to join us in Downtown Brampton’s Duggan Park for a unique art battle experience on Thursday, July 20, 2017 between 6PM to 8PM.

Two teams of local creative minds from the Peel Region will face off against each other on the tough fields and temperate woods of Duggan Park using only paint as their ammo and crafted weapons.

Warriors are encouraged to create their own personas and costumes as well as craft weapons from sponge, cardboard, foam and other soft materials in order to apply paint to their opponent. Don’t want to craft? Store bought water guns are allowed! Check our list of Allowable Crafting Materials before you get started on your weapon!

The requirements for becoming a warrior during RagnaArt: The Battle of Duggan Park are as follows: all warriors must be over the age of 13. Additionally, all warriors must pay a small non-refundable $2.00 participation fee and provide their own white t-shirt. The battle is scheduled to last one hour, giving warriors ample time to cultivate plans and scenarios on how best to hit the opposition with the most amount of paint possible. Will you hide in the tree tops or blaze into battle?

Teams will be led into battle by two team captains, pushing their respective teams to victory. Captaincy will be chosen through online registration on a first come, first serve basis.

If you believe you are a responsible team leader who can lead a wily group of warriors to success this position is for you – wimps need not apply!

Two  judges will decide which team has made it through the sixty minute battle with the least amount of paint on them. The winning team’s captain will receive a crafted trophy while team members receive crafted medals to honor their glorious win.

There will be large white sheets of paper strategically placed around the field to catch cast off and splatter paint from the fight. These pieces of art in motion will be auctioned off at the end of battle to all participants and viewers, letting everyone take home the spoils of war.

Registration is also open to the following volunteer roles:

– battle turret warrior; two turrets will be available for those who have mobility issues and may not be able to participate on foot. Please only register for this spot if you have a mobility issue to allow ample opportunity for those who do to join us.

– battle judges; two esteemed non-partial judges who can fairly decide which team has the least amount of paint on them at the end of the sixty minute match.

– battle medics; you do not need to be trained in CPR or First Aid but it would be an asset if you were. Medics are required to tend to minor cuts and scrapes as well as attend to any major injuries, call 9-1-1 and remain with the injured party until professional help arrives.

– battle drummer; drummers are an important part to keeping spirits up when in the midst of battle! If you don’t have real drums, turned over bins work too.

– battle documentarian; register as a documentarian for a free exclusive journalism pass to the grand battle to craft an epic tale.

– battle volunteer organizer; with such a large battle taking place, we are seeking non-warrior volunteers to help direct warriors to the correct place, answer questions and generally assist with the production of the event.

Visit the official site to find out more information & how to register!

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