Coming Out

Default assignment,

Default orientation, and​

Default desires are

Default discomfort

I’m supposed to get married to a husband,

Repopulate the Earth,

Be an adult woman…


Those are society’s defaults

They are someone else’s expectations

What do I want?

What am I?

Do I want sex? Do I want romance? Do I need marriage?

Am I a woman  because I have a uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and a vagina?

Nope, I  don’t want that.

I don’t want a spouse, coitus, and

I don’t want to be under the command of my genitalia

My mind should rule my body,

My mind should rule my life.

Not a partner, not reproduced offspring,

Not gender with society holding the strings

This is why I forsake gender,

I will create my own expectations

I won’t be owned by pronouns, dates, or coitus

They will be owned by me!

No more he or she

I prefer they or them

I prefer their and xyr

I rather themselves, xie, or xem

Themselves or xemself, please

No “he” or” she” here

I like these- xie/xem/xyr/xemself

No coitus or marriage

Just me, xemself, and xyr

I don’t have sexual or romantic attraction

I don’t have gender

I’m Dreeny Blanc

I identify as aromantic, asexual, and agender

This is me.

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