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The Specks

You perverse faggot!

I’m Ace, it doesn’t apply to me

You ignorant fucking nigger

I’m pale with straight hair, run away!

Keep importing those peace loving Muslims free world 🙂

How’s that working out for ya?

Good thing I’m Christian?

He wasn’t talking about me.

She’s lying!

Can’t you see the holes in her rape story??

I don’t know romance nor sex…

Those people on social media ain’t yelling at me

Racism, sexism, homophobia

Designed to protect from the unknown

Keep the children pure; keep our borders safe

Keep the privileges for the white ones, Christian ones, male ones, & straight ones

A prison that looks like a castle

It seems safe, and guarded

Yet it’s choking the air

And darkening the stars

No wonder in those things. Nothing different

Nothing unique in such privileged security

What is there to live for?

Everything is the same.

A life in one’s prejudices is death

Prison is a life where there is no one who isn’t like me

Living without the other goes stale

Loneliness due to exact sameness  freezes because it is cold

Time for a new way; time for true freedom

I can’t take it anymore! I must be free from this prison!

His name isn’t faggot, it’s Randy, Dan, Mark, Lefou or many others!

Such words have no place in my life.

Leave her alone, white man- Your words betray your ignorance,

Your anger shows you are small and confused.

She remained calm and proved to be wise,

A wisdom you refuse to comprehend.

Men and women speak honestly, and falsely.

People can tell the truth and tell lies.

I side with the victims, yet know they can be perpetrators.

Bad behavior isn’t justified for either person.

Those who thump their holy books are the first to disregard its hardest tenants

Ironic it’s harder to see planks, when specks are so small.

Here’s a mirror- Do you see your planks?

Or is it easier to ignore it for the dust, And roughly clean out the specks?

Oh, how tragic, glass has shattered everywhere.

Was the rough dusting worth getting the best image of oneself?

I still have my planks, it’s true.

I see humans as things to avoid, and objects to push away.

Not human beings made in God’s Image.

Human beings should be treasured as the most unique jewels;

Humans are the rarest of diamonds.

Yet, humans are more volatile than the purest gasoline.

Just look at what becomes of them,  when the slightest speck is found.

In the name of not being unclean, we destroy each other.

Perhaps it is cleaner to love the specks, than destroy them?

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