The story behind  the  photograph is it was taken on the Saturday evening of the Brampton Classic Car Weekend. While sitting at Carve’s outdoor patio on Main St. enjoying a refreshing beverage I noticed as the sun was setting the beautifully rich colours shining on the building on the south side of Queen.  On the left side is the old clock tower from the old Post Office, and on the right and more in the foreground is the side of the Big Screen at Garden Square.
Henceforth, that is why I have named it Generation Gap, because the Brampton landmarks in question range from 100 years ago to today, The Clock Tower to the left and in the background, and the latter being the Big Screen. Old & New.
But the sunset and the rich colours and various shades was what originally caught my eye and felt it needed to be photographed.
Using a special software program, I experimented with a variety of the special effects.  Software has become the new darkroom in the modern age of digital photography and the results are instantaneous.  With this picture, I used a cartoon effect and I quite like the result, so much so that I have used this picture as my logo for Brampton Bits & Bites. In the future I plan on creating a painting of it.
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