From the Artist: I’m always very busy during the holidays and rarely get a chance to photograph some of my pieces (I know other artists can relate! that Holiday hustle am I right?). They sort of make their way in and out of my life in a whirlwind so I’m always happy when I actually have a few photos to display of some of the work I’ve done. Here are two holiday/winter themed pieces done in early December that I actually managed to take pictures of and feel proud of. I’m happy to send these as my last pictures of the year for PAC in 2016. It’s a wonderful project and I’m happy to have been allowed to contribute art work for it in its beginning stages. I’m excited for what the new year will bring to all us Peel artists as a collective, and am grateful for the wonderful opportunities to display work publicly with the great community of artists running the PAC. They are all doing an amazing job. Hats off to everyone. Merry Christmas!

Thanks to Maira for her amazing support of PAC – she has not only designed our beautiful logo with a variety of options but went above and beyond to help brand our social media accounts! Best wishes from PAC to Maira for 2017!


Red Barn in Winter
Acrylic on Canvas Board
A commission and Sample for C. Ward to use at a Paint Night event during December 2 2016.


Holiday Glamour
Acrylic on Canvas Board
A small Holiday Fashion/Glamour piece. My favourite subject. She’d make a nice Christmas gift 😉

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