“The song is called Jukebox Junkies. I wrote it and sang it. I am accompanied on acoustic guitar by Tim Johns, who also recorded it.

The song did not make it on to our CD, Surreal Memphis Blues because it was not “Blue” enough, but it’s one of my faves.”

Louise Peacock Bio

Louise has been involved with music since she was a child. Her parents tried to get her to learn classical piano, an idea which totally failed. Next were guitar lessons, but again the emphasis on classical music caused those lessons to end.

Louise, was however, fascinated with the pop, rock and folk music of the day, and as time went on she picked up the guitar and began to play, and eventually to write songs.

Fast forward to 2000 and we find Louise actively engaged in a wide variety of music projects on the internet. One of these projects was a collaboration with U.S. songwriter Charlie Solack who wanted a new arrangement for his pop/rock song, Shady Rosy. Louise got together with musician Tim Johns and they came up with a jazzy arrangement, which Charlie loved.

In 2006 Louise got together with Bassist Tony Laviola and they recorded a Country CD called Shady Country Lanes, which they released in 2008.

They then began to work on some blues songs for a Blues CD. In 2009, Louise and Tony Laviola enlisted the help of Tony’s long time friend, Tony Quarrington to help arrange, tweak and in some cases, rewrite these songs. They proceeded to work on the songs that would become Surreal Memphis Blues, which they recorded and released in late 2009.


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