The Screaming Of The Butterflies
Acrylic on wood panel with a high gloss finish
The Screaming Of The Butterflies will be on display for VAM’s Why Do You Create? Exhibition from November 21 – December 4 2016
Mutating Roses
Acrylic on wood panel with high gloss finish
I’ve painted several Mutating Roses pieces, they will be available at VAM’s Holiday Artisan Marketplace, November 12 & 13 2016.
“Art has always been a big part of my life, being an artist is a new chapter in my life. Painting has become an outlet to express my inner turmoil….it is my therapy… therapy.
I use my education as an Interior Designer, my merchandising experience and as a photographer, I create paintings that in my eyes are meaningful, beautiful, and chaotic mixed with a big dose of melancholy & anxiety…..a reflection of me.
Music and photography have been a large influence on me over the past 4 years, as I was a live music photographer, so I know a few of my pieces have been influenced by local bands, their music and my relationships with those bands.
I’m still navigating through my artistic process; experimenting with colour, influences, brushes, texture and more texture…..I love texture!
Abstract Expressionism has given me the voice I`ve been searching for.
I found my passion or obsession, one might say; all I want to do is paint!”
Find Shannon online:
Facebook: Shannon L. Christie Photography & Art
Twitter: @shanCphotog
Instagram: shannonchristie71
Tumblr: artobsesssed71

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