Kicking off Culture Days and returning for it’s second year, artist James Flux has once again teamed up with PAMA, Visual Arts Mississauga, Beaux-Arts Brampton, Visual Arts Brampton and Peel Arts Collective to bring  Free Art Friday to the Region of Peel! 

What is Free Art Friday?

Free Art Friday is a global movement where artists gift pieces of work to the public by leaving them around theircity for people to find them.

Imagine a city wide scavenger hunt, where patrons can roam the streets to find free artwork to bring home and enjoy for years to come! In 2015, we had over 30 artists participate – on Friday, September 30th 2016 we hope to flood the whole Region of Peel with free art. Free Art Friday is in an attempt to bring art to those who may not be involved in the art world, as well as creating as many smiles and memories as we can.

How do I participate as an artist?

It’s as simple as grabbing one of your pieces of artwork, creating one or grabbing a print of yours and finding a great place to put it outside. It is recommended not making it too hidden, the Region of Peel is quite a big place – the emphasis is making sure your work finds a new home.

Participating artists are encouraged to attach a label on the front that reads “Free Art to Take Home” with a brief description of the Free Art Friday movement on the back. A label and a brief description to edit can be found at these links


Artists and collectors are also encouraged to use the hashtag #FreeArtFridayPeel and take a picture of your art to upload to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. This way participants can use the hashtag to give them some insight to the free art’s location, as well as let the artist know their piece has found a new home!

How do I participate as a collector?

Get out there and start looking! Jump on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and search the hashtag #FreeArtFridayPeel to see some of the art that’s already been placed in your city. Once you’ve found  something, upload a picture of your treasure with the same hashtag to share your find & let the artist know their work has found a new home.

We hope to see both artists & collectors participating on September 30th, and we ask you to spread the word to other patrons of the arts and artists so we can make this as big as we can! 

Learn more about Free Art Friday in Peel on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


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