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Boyd’s work is an incredible representation of multi-faceted talent and passions. Working with an endless variety of materials and mediums, the question seems to rather be, is there anything she cannot create art from? Utilizing anything she comes across she is motivated by the idea of ensuring that her art has an extremely low impact on the environment. 

For eight years Boyd has been honing her skill and working hard to make a name for herself. Her work has been featured in Beaux Arts Brampton, LAB B, The Green Cup Roastery, The Rose Theatre Brampton, Culture Rising, along with a few other local establishments. Live Painting Demonstrations have been held at PAMA Art Gallery & Archives, The Green Cup Roastery and LAB B, and during Culture Days in Brampton.

Boyd works almost exclusively with her hands, creating works that are both fluid and raw. Boyd has also been known to paint live for various events and competitions across the GTA, offering audiences an unforgettable experience of creation. One rarely, if ever, finds themselves thinking “I could make that” when looking at Boyd’s work, for something rather magical happens to the paint that finds its way to the hands of Crystal Lori Boyd. Yet still her work is inspiring and engaging, encouraging one to also create and release. The raw and fluid nature of her art and her use of contrast and colour make it immediately relatable and captivating. 

Awe inspiring, conversation stirring, visually stimulating and continually developing and expanding Crystal Lori Boyd is sure to continue to impress and excel.

Boyd is also a landscape and loose portrait artist. Events Coordinator for various art shows, painting demonstrations, and charitable events. Occasional Art Director for photo shoots. She has also been working with James Flux and Steve Wilson on and off as a model for roughly 5 years now. 

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